CX Practice, Practice, Practice...

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

It's August so while #crossiscoming, cross practice is here! Finding and joining your local cyclocross practice is a great way to find extra motivation to practice skills in a non-race environment and to keep the social aspect of cross races going mid-week. Here's the practices we all know and love in each of our East Coast outposts:

Wednesday Nights CX Practice at Belmont in Philadelphia


Weekly cross practice has been on the move and you can now catch it Wednesdays, 6pm at Belmont behind the Ohio House. We are especially excited that fellow local teams Team Laser Cats, Team VeloDash, and Women Bike PHL are hosting a 5 week beginner cyclocross practice focused on beginners of all genders, making sure to include women, trans, and femmes as welcome, each Tuesday at FDR Park (SE corner) at 6:15pm, starting August 13th.

WTF is Cyclocross!!!

New York City:

Randalls Island has been the site of NYC cross practice for the past few years, which makes for some picturesque bike riding. It's so legit they even have a permit from the Park's Department! Practice is every Wednesday at 7pm at the Wards Meadow (just north of Randalls Island field 74).

CX Practice at Randalls Island


Of course the practice located in the heart of NECX also has the coolest name--Wednesday Night SuperPrestige! A new location for 2018, it's now at Joe Moakley Park in South Boston. The first practice starts August 22nd at 6pm.

Don't have one in your area? Try starting your own! Make a FB group in your area, invite friends and friends of friends, pick a day of the week and location, grab some disc cones, make some PVC barriers, and have fun!

Written by Krista Ciminera