My First Year with TTSL

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Written by Lauren Chesnutt

When I think back on the 2017 cyclocross season, the above photo captured one of my favorite moments. I didn’t realize it at the time, mostly because I was too spent to think coherently, but I am glad someone snapped this. I’ll get back to the photo in a minute…

Prior to joining This Team Saves Lives I thought I would go into the 2017 season without a team. My prior team had dissolved and most of my prior teammates had moved on. When the opportunity to join TTSL came up I happily jumped on because I thought it would be a great chance to meet new people and build a support system.

So back to the photo, this was at DCCX, day 1. I didn’t have a great race. It was hot. The race was fast and hard. But crossing the finish line and seeing my teammates all sprawled out on the grass turned all my negative race thoughts around. We were all hot. The race was fast and hard for all of us. We were all totally spent and just laid on the ground for a while, mumbling race thoughts while sharing cold water.

If I had been alone at this race I would have walked away with a bad attitude. But being able to take in that moment with others turned everything around and ended up being a really special moment for me. I was SO happy to see my teammates there, and that is really all I wanted in a team.

Good race results are great, but I enjoyed reliving the good and bad results with the team this year. I’m looking forward to finishing up the season with everyone, where we will likely finish races freezing instead of being hot, and taking this team camaraderie into next year.