No. 22 Racing Gift Guide

With the holidays approaching and winter hitting the East Coast, the team wanted to show you some of our favorite items that you may want to buy for the cyclist in your life (or yourself!).

This list has products from our sponsors, as well as non-sponsors, but we can guarantee these are items we use on a regular basis and our part of our routine.

Nuun is a team favorite all year long. The ginger lemonade can usually be found in our water bottles, and as the weather starts getting colder we are all talking the Immunity on a regular basis to keep ourselves healthy.

Winter can be harsh on your bike. Between wet roads, snow, and salt, we usually come back from a ride with our bikes covered in grime. Pedro’s saves the day after every ride by helping clean off all the debris and keeps our bikes keeps rolling all winter long.

With the racing season winding down we are looking forward to leisurely weekends at home watching World Cup races and having our friends over for waffles!

We have been loving our new Verge kit, and with the weather changing you'll see us wearing the long sleeve jersey paired with the winter bib tights. On our wish list is the Verge sport rain bag (something we all wish we'd had during this muddy CX season). Find these items in our team store (password: no22racing).

Additional favorite cold weather items that are keeping us warm, on and off the bike, Patagonia Nano-Air, winter mountain bike shoes, Rapha winter hat, and of course our team edition Handup gloves!

The Road Runner burrito bag is also a must during winter rides, so you can keep additional layers handy (or just full of snacks).

Mad Alchemy is part of our routine year round and our top picks for the cyclist in your life are the pre-ride warming oil and the champagne dream chamois cream (how fancy!).

And for a big ticket holiday gift, we can't recommend a Wahoo trainer enough. Paired with their heart rate monitor and you have no excuses for slacking off during the winter.