Off Days - Catskills

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Written by Natalie Tapias

A few weekends ago I was in Saugerties, NY for a wedding (shout out Max and Jyothi 4ever!) and managed to sneak in some riding.

Day one involved a pre-wedding jaunt up Platte Cove Road a.k.a. Devil’s Kitchen. This climb is prominently featured in the Tour of the Catskills and is, at least according to some, quite possibly the most hellacious climb in New York State. We started our ride at the base of this climb and tried to find some single track that didn’t end up working out for us, so we looped back through Tannersville for some coffee and cider doughnuts followed by a fun descent back over the ridge.

On day two, we poached a great route from Riding the Catskills, and knew we had a little bit more time on our hands for some fun riding.

We spent the majority of the day on challenging dirt climbs and descents that provided a good opportunity to practice bike-handling in loose dirt. Refueling opportunities (especially extra water, much needed after a night of champagne) were limited along this route, so we ended up knocking on a door and chatting with a local who refilled our bottles for us and sent us on our way.