Pedro's Joining TTSL

We are so excited to announce that Pedro's is signing on to fully support This Team for 2016!

Whether exploring trails with friends or pushing mental and physical limits in a race, Pedro's knows that riding creates pure enjoyment like few other things in life. This Team is excited to have Pedro's as a partner and use their tools, cleaners and bike care products to keep our wheels turning, as well as joining the many amazing teams in the Pedro's family!

From Pedro's: "Supporting This Team Saves Lives is no different than Pedro's engineering, creating and manufacturing world class tools and bike care products to keep your bicycles rolling safely, shiny, and quietly down the road. A tool by definition is the extension of one's body to help work. This Team is a tool Pedro's is happy to be associated with, as they are helping make our world a little better. If they can do this while enjoying the bonds cycling creates, even better! Pedro's is excited and proud to help these women create a better world."